100% Plant-Based

We stand behind our commitment to offer 100% plant based concoctions resulting in a fully vegan apothecary line.  If you have any questions on any process or ingredient, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.




Organic & Natural

Everything you ingest or apply topically seeps into your bloodstream.  Your entire body of cells and systems work together to keep you healthy.  When you body is exposes to synthetic ingredients its infrastructure gets thrown off.  Hormones, digestion, the immune & lymphatic systems are just some of the main components compromised by these toxins.  For vital health, plants and botanicals offer multiple and endless healing properties.  As many organic ingredients as possible are selected for this line.  If an ingredient is not organic, but instead fully natural and wild crafted, the source and methods used to produce that ingredient are researched before it's added to the apothecary line. We use natural preservatives such as rosemary extract Co2 and Leucidal SF complete (a blend of probiotics, fermented radish root and coconut fruit extract. It takes a lot of time to research ingredients from our suppliers, but it's worth it and important to maintain quality.  Sourcing and growing natural and organic ingredients is more expensive and takes more time and resources to avoid using pesticides and industrial farming methods.  This is why you'll find organic products are obtained at higher prices than non-organic.  We strive to always do our best to keep prices fair without compromising quality.  




Recycled Packaging

Glass containers are chosen for as much of the product line as possible.  Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite amount of times.  We also encourage cleaning an empty product bottle and using it again after you have used a product.  We only refer to a plastic container for a product that could break and cause harm (such as Sugar Scrubs in the shower) or for a product that is often thrown in a bag and on the go such as the Cooling Mist.  
 Packaging that is received in supplies orders is kept to reuse when shipping our orders.  If there are any peanuts used in shipping they have been sent to us in a supply order.  We're starting to see suppliers use biodegradable peanuts which is much preferred over Styrofoam.  Bubble wrap to protect glass bottles or kraft paper to cushion and protect's all being reused from a shipment received for supplies.




Low Waste

Excess product from product making is never thrown out.  We use them for samples to give to the next order coming in.  Also, any new recipes that haven't quite turned out right are still used by us personally or gifted to friends and family for sample feedback.  We do our best to reduce, reuse and eliminate waste.