Success...measured so differently these days. It's no longer measured by how many emails I got through, how early I got to work, how late I stayed or how many things I got crossed off my to do list before the end of the work day.⁠
When the world changed, it forced a new definition of success for success is more authentic...
-an amazing home cooked meal eaten by candlelight every night with my family⁠
-a challenging home schooling session where we both walked away accomplished and with more patience for each other⁠
-mid day dog walks, taking the time to hear the sounds of stepping on dry leaves, of panicky squirrels gathering for hidden winter treasures, of the stillness hanging in the air⁠
-the finalization & appreciate of a home project long in the works that we never could find the time for before⁠
-the warm cuddles of kiddos snuggled up to hear the bedtime story⁠
-the many walks to the post office each week, gratitude abound for the day's orders from my little shop⁠

These were all there before, but my perspective was different. Lost on the old me. Formed from loss and a challenging era, this new success has been graciously accepted.

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